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What is CFO Connect?

The go-to resource hub for tech-savvy CFOs in fast-growing companies

CFO Connect lets successful, modern financial leaders identify and learn from each other. It includes a series of in-person events for you to share best practices, give recommendations, discuss difficulties in the workplace, and have a network to rely on. You'll also find relevant content, and be able to connect with other finance professionals.

Why should I attend?

A great opportunity

Learn more about your job and exchange with peers in an informal meet-up. Each session is led by two finance experts who address a specific topic. Topics range from the tech tools of the modern CFO, to the digital transformation of finance, or even how to open a new office. No waffle; no filters.

You'll come away with advice, tools, and ideas that you can apply directly within your own company. And you'll get to meet other financial leaders who've faced similar challenges.
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Building the best financial tool stack

Urszula Lupienska, Huckletree

Huw Slater, TravelPerk

Scaling a Financial Department

Fabien Dawidowicz, Spendesk

Philippe Platon, La Ruche Qui Dit Oui !

Understanding Equity Incentives to Attract Talent

Florent Artaud, Ekwity

Aiga Senftleben, Billie

Mazin Biviji, Toquity

Filip Dames, Cherry Ventures

What’s the best way to organise your finance department?

Dave McKenzie, Curve

Tom Libbrecht, Silverfin

Corporate groups vs startups — The different finance departments

Sebastien Ledent, Mazars

How to build and structure your finance team?

Mikail Ege, Remerge.io

Peter Jaud, Factory

Markus Harder, Contentful

The CFO, the linchpin of the organisation

Jonathan Sarfati , Stuart

Jean Baptiste Cousin, Smash Group

The evolving role of the finance team in fast-growing companies

Juan Carlos Rovira Ventin, Badi

Huw Slater, TravelPerk

Edward Hamilton , Mayordomo & Lavalocker

Startups, from “Born local” to “Be Global”

Benjamin Bitton, 2CFinance

Benoit Bec, Arsene Taxand

Tech tools for the modern day CFO

Ju-Vern See, Receipt Bank

Labor law, best practices

Charles Fouchault, Lydia

Pierre Chevillard , Melville Avocats

Equity for employees

Florent Artaud, Ekwity

Alexandre Leger, Equify

ERP Project 2019

Henry Braastad-Tiffon, HBT Expertise & Conseil

Antoine Carrere, Doctolib

Mohamed El Guennouny, HBT Expertise & Conseil

Understanding equity incentives to attract talent

Dominic Jacquesson, Index Ventures

Florent Artaud, Ekwity

Christian Gabriel, Capdesk

Ian Shaw, Orrick

How to structure your finance team?

Thibault Remy, MeilleursAgents

Laurent Maheo, Director of the DFCG

The CFO's Role in Mergers and Acquisitions

Catherine Birkett, GoCardless

Ben Withinshaw, CommuniGator

Fundraising strategy — How to raise startup venture capital

Eleonore Crespo, Index Ventures

Elodie Hadjidakis, Habiteo

Romain Bichet, Aircall

Series A-Z: the CFO's role in fundraising

Fabian Wesemann, Wefox

Karime Mimoun, TIER Mobility

How to choose the right ERP system?

Sébastien Delétang, IDnomic

Raphaël Fauveau, Digimind

Spendesk icon Behind CFO Connect

A dedicated team

The responsibilities of finance leaders are changing rapidly, affecting the entire company. But the tools and resources for finance professionals have not kept up. At Spendesk, our ambition is to make the lives and work of finance leaders easier.

How do we achieve this? By building the best all-in-one spending solution for modern businesses, and by providing a network and rich content through CFO Connect.
Meet the team

CFO Connect speakers

  • Sébastien Delétang
    Sébastien Delétang IDnomic
  • Thibault Remy
    Thibault Remy MeilleursAgents
  • Eleonore Crespo
    Eleonore Crespo Index Ventures
  • Huw Slater
    Huw Slater TravelPerk
  • Elodie Hadjidakis
    Elodie Hadjidakis Habiteo
  • Benjamin Bitton
    Benjamin Bitton 2CFinance
  • Peter Jaud
    Peter Jaud Factory
  • Florent Artaud
    Florent Artaud Ekwity
  • Jean Baptiste Cousin
    Jean Baptiste Cousin Smash Group
  • Urszula Lupienska
    Urszula Lupienska Huckletree
  • Jonathan Sarfati
    Jonathan Sarfati Stuart
  • Romain Bichet
    Romain Bichet Aircall
  • Antoine Carrere
    Antoine Carrere Doctolib
  • Philippe Platon
    Philippe Platon La Ruche Qui Dit Oui !
  • Tom Libbrecht
    Tom Libbrecht Silverfin
  • Fabien Dawidowicz
    Fabien Dawidowicz Spendesk
  • Markus Harder
    Markus Harder Contentful
  • Mikail Ege
    Mikail Ege Remerge.io
  • Raphaël Fauveau
    Raphaël Fauveau Digimind
  • Sebastien Ledent
    Sebastien Ledent Mazars
  • Alexandre Leger
    Alexandre Leger Equify
  • Henry Braastad-Tiffon
    Henry Braastad-Tiffon HBT Expertise & Conseil
  • Benoit Bec
    Benoit Bec Arsene Taxand
  • Juan Carlos Rovira Ventin
    Juan Carlos Rovira Ventin Badi
  • Charles Fouchault
    Charles Fouchault Lydia

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